The Pikangikum Water Project

 – What is it? Why Are We Helping? Pikangikum First Nation Reserve in Northwestern Ontario is a community of 2200, of which half are youth. There is no all-year road access and no indoor water supply. The need for clean water remains great and this need will only increase as the population of Pikangikum grows. […]

Did U Know? – Music Selection

Did You Know How Brainerd Selects the Service Music? I have been often asked about my process for the selection of Service Music. I always begin with a prayer and a moment of meditation. I then spend time with the lectionary readings for the Sunday in question, as well as the collect, prayer over the […]

Experience our Easter Celebration Online

Welcome to the online Celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection. Wherever you are, you are invited to join with all of us at All Saints Kingsway in song and prayer as the People of God. The Lord is in the holy temple; let all the earth be silent. Prelude: Easter Fanfares Various Composers Alleluia! Christ is […]

Enjoy Our Easter Celebration Online

April 20, 2014 Year A Easter Sunday   Welcome to All Saints Kingsway’s Weekly Web Celebration. This page allows you to be a part of our church from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and you can be in our congregation this week! You are invited to scroll through this self-directed […]