Did U Know? – Social Media

Did you know that All Saints Kingsway has quite a lively online presence?

We are reaching the people all over the world with our website, and with our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our youth as well have their own Facebook group and Twitter feed.

We started a social media presence after a program vestry request in the Spring of 2012. That has grown since, and now our Facebook page has over 300 “likes.” On Twitter, we have more than 500 followers. This makes for a lot of people who regularly receive and share what we post.

We use these outlets to talk about events that are happening at All Saints, to share news about what other churches are doing, and to share prayers about issues of concern. We reach parishioners, potential visitors, and friends from far away. It’s like coffee hour, but for those who may not be in the building with us.

So when you’re online sometime, look us up on facebook.com, or on twitter.com where we’re known as @SaintsKingsway. There are also direct links from our website: allsaintskingsway.ca