Did U Know? – Archives

Did you know that our past helps our present?

We have a new archives display case in the North Transept which tells us more about our community, our hopes, dreams and experiences. Have you checked out the contents?

Our current display shows memorabilia from All Saints’ anniversaries over the last 72 years. Since our first service in 1944, anniversaries have been marked with varying degrees of observance. In the early years, energy was focused on building and paying for the church rather than festivities. The first major celebration was the 25th, in 1969. It was doubly joyful, marking the rebuilding of the church after the fire and the paying off of mortgages.

It was at this point the church was consecrated, because it now belonged fully to the congregation. Previously, it had only been dedicated (blessed).

The biggest party was in 1994, our 50th, which lasted a whole year.  It included a Founding Day service, a Homecoming Weekend and a recreation of our founding event with a parish walk from St George’s to Sunnylea School. Since then we have commemorated anniversaries more regularly. They remind us of the many individuals who came together to build this community in which we all share and to which we all contribute.

Take a look and find out about our church family.