Good Friday – 10am leaflet

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APRIL 14, 2017     10am


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Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
All Saints Kingsway welcomes you.

Officiating:  The Very Reverend James Merrett

Opening Responses

Reader 1:  We have come together to remember Jesus.
All:  We have come together to remember Jesus.


Reader 2:  Two thousand years ago God sent Jesus into the world.
The world was as sad and troubled as it is today and God wanted to love it better.
Jesus is the sign of God’s love.
All:  Jesus is the sign of God’s love.

Reader 1:  Jesus was kind and loving. He cured people who were sick. He forgave people who had done bad things.
Jesus is the sign of God’s forgiveness.
All:  Jesus is the sign of God’s forgiveness.

Reader 2: But some people were afraid of Jesus. His love was too strong. He did not take any notice of how rich or powerful people were.
He was on the side of people who were weak and hurt. He stood up to those who were cruel.
Jesus is the sign of God’s power.
All: Jesus is the sign of God’s power.

Reader 1:  The powerful people thought that if they killed Jesus, they could have things their own way. They chose a horrible way for him to die—so that everyone would be ashamed of him.
And some of his best friends did run away. But Jesus was strong and loving even when he was suffering.
Jesus is the sign of God’s strength and love.
All:  Jesus is the sign of God’s strength and love.
Reader 2:  Some people, who had learned about God’s love and strength through Jesus did not run away. Even with the soldiers and crowds all around them, they did not give in to their fear. They loved Jesus and wanted to do all they could to help him—even if it did not seem to be very much. They were a sign of God’s love for Jesus.
All:  They were a sign of God’s love for Jesus.

People who helped Jesus

Reader 1:  After Jesus died, all his friends wondered what it had all been about. They were very sad. Remembering that Jesus died can make us sad too. But we remember that God’s love is stronger than death.

Reader 2:  There were people who helped Jesus on that first Good Friday. We’re going to re member them today, and learn how we can be like them. We can also learn from these things that Jesus said:
‘You are not my servants – you are my friends and I have chosen you to carry on my work of loving the world better.’
‘Love one another as I have loved you.’
‘If you do this, everyone will know that you are my friends. They will know that I am alive in you and you are alive in me.’

We travel to the stations around the church.
At each station we hear a story, and do an activity.
As we walk, we sing:
“Jesus, remember me, when you come into your kingdom.”

Jesus remember me

Station 1
Simon of Cyrene

All:  We want to be a friend like Simon.

Simon of Cyrene:
The cross is very heavy. Jesus couldn’t carry it all alone. A man named Simon from Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross. At first he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t volunteer – he’s pushed from the crowd. Jesus is humble enough to accept help from Simon and Simon is humble enough to help.

All:  When we see someone struggling with some thing that is too big or too heavy – we will help them to carry it – like Simon helping Jesus.

Make a cross.

Station 2

All:  We want to be a friend like Veronica.

Veronica:  A woman named Veronica sees Jesus and thinks he must be a criminal because he is going to be crucified. He is so hot, dirty and bloody. Yet Veronica sees be yond that to his pain. The pain she sees on his face moves her. She sees pain, and yet a deep love as well. Surrounded by a screaming mob that could easily hurt her, she steps out of the crowd to help him. She stretches out her hands and wipes his face.

All:  When we see someone who is hurt or ill – we will look after them – like Veronica helping Jesus.

Place a Band-Aid on a friend or family member.

Station 3
Women of Jerusalem

All:  We want to be friends like the women of Jerusalem.

Women of Jerusalem:
Jesus is kind to the people who have followed him, especially the women who were brought to tears as he passed them, carrying his cross. He stops to speak. Maybe he offers a prayer for them. He also says: Do not cry for me; take care of your children.

All:  When we see someone who is being treated unfairly – we will care about them – like the women of Jerusalem who cared about Jesus.

Make some tears (salt water).

Station 4
Mary, Jesus’s Mother

All:  We want to be a friend like Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Mary, Jesus’ mother:
Jesus sees his mother worrying about him. He can’t help but see the pain in her eyes. He stops to talk to her. I am sure he tells her how much he loves her. He knows she wants only what is best for him.

All:  When people that love us worry about us – we will remember they do it because they love us – like Jesus’ mother loved him.

Tell the candle-lighter someone who worries about
you and they will light a candle.

Station 5
Mary Magdalene and John

All:  We want to be friends like Mary Magdalene and John.

Mary Magdalene and John:
Not many of Jesus’ friends stayed with him. Many of them left before he died. It was so awful. But John and Mary Magdalene were loyal to the end. They were there to take his body down from the cross. They showed respect for the life it once held.

All:  When we see someone who is sad or hurt and there isn’t much we can do – we will stay with them and care for them – like Mary Magdalene and John cared for Jesus.

Sit together and put drops of oil on our hands.

Station 6
Joseph of Arimithea

All:  We want to be friends like Joseph.

Joseph of Arimithea:
Jesus was dead and the day felt very dark and scary. Most people stayed far away from the body. A man named Joseph from Arimithea asked for Jesus’ body and wrapped it in fine linens. He brought Jesus’ body to a tomb cut out of rock, and the women of Jerusalem watched him do it. Then everyone went home to get ready for the Sabbath and what was going to happen next.

All:  When there are ways we can help when sad things happen – we will do whatever good we can – like Joseph of Arimithea took care of Jesus’ body.

Prepare and place Jesus in the tomb.

Please be seated in the pews.

Holy Communion  and Veneration of the Cross

Prayer over the Gifts

Celebrant: Holy God, your Son Jesus Christ carried our sins in his own body on the tree, so that we might have life.  May we and all who remember this day find new life in him, now and in the world to come, where he lives with you and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever.  Amen.

Celebrant: As our Saviour taught us, let us pray,
All:  Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial,
and deliver us from evil.
For the kingdom, the power,
and the glory are yours,
now and forever. Amen.

On your way to receive Holy Communion,
you are invited to lay a flower at the foot of the cross.

Prayer after Communion

Celebrant: Almighty and eternal God, you have restored us to life by the triumphant death and resurrection of Christ.  Continue this healing work within us.  May we who partake of this mystery never cease to give you dedicated service.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Planting Seeds

Reader 1:  Doing something good is like sowing a seed. We may think that it has been forgotten or that nothing has happened. But, sooner or later, the seed begins to grow and the goodness gets bigger and stronger.

Our helping may not seem to be very big or very strong – but God can do great things with it. We may not always see it ourselves – but God sees how our love and friendship spreads love and friendship in the world.

We are going to plant some seeds – as a sign of the promise of new life. God’s sunlight and rain, and our looking after them, will help them grow into beautiful flowers.

Reader 2:  Go out into the world and plant some seeds – signs of God’s love for life.

We ask God to bless us – and our flowers – to make them grow strong and remind us about friendship and helping.

We thank God for new life.
All:  Amen.

Move to planting stations to plant seeds.

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