Our Bell Works!

Some of you may have noticed that our church bell has been erroneously chiming half the number of hourly strikes we would expect for the past couple of years. The owner of the Canadian dealership that sold and installed the UK system made by Smith of Derby moved back to the UK, and so there was no longer local support or service.

Steve Favell, our resident engineer contacted Smith of Derby, UK directly and obtained technical information and support that ultimately helped to exonerate the electronic controller as the culprit. On October 18, Steve’s investigation of the mechanism in the belfry (the vertical climb is not for the faint of heart) was conducted with the help of Jamie Isbister and Jim Rayner. It uncovered that the mechanism was telling the controller that the bell had tolled twice when it had actually tolled once. Some minor mechanical adjustments solved the problem.

The bell now correctly tolls the time on the hour, one strike on the half hour, and for 30 seconds before services at 9:55 am on Sunday and 10:25 am on Thursday.

Thank you to Jamie, Jim and Steve!