The Green Thumbs

(All Saints Garden Team)
Our group consists of four parishioners Jim Rayner, Fran Richardson, Patty Roy and Donna Firman. Together we tend the gardens surrounding the church.  We start in the spring with a big cleanup, mulch and replenish soil in the beds as needed and trim away the winter kill.  The spring flower sale is next with Jim administrating the sale and organizing willing parishioners to help on distribution day.  Next the team plants and establishes the flower beds and urns.  Ongoing work includes weeding, shrub and tree trimming and generally maintaining the gardens through the summer and early fall. The sextons help out with watering and keeping the lawns cut and trimmed.   Come late fall the team puts the gardens to bed for the winter, pulling up the annuals, trimming the herb garden, and cutting back plants and shrubs.  The urns are maintained year round with seasonal displays.   The work is very rewarding and passersby often comment on our lovely gardens.  New members to the team are always welcome.

If you are interested in joining The Green Thumbs team, please contact Jim or Fran.

Jim – [email protected]

Fran – [email protected]