Presentation and motion by Jean Woolford, Rector’s Warden, May 8, 2016

Below is the text of the motion to nominate our Parish Selection Committee. In it, Jean Woolford describes the nomination process and the selection process.


I move that Beena Kuriakose, Karin Rasmussen, Kris Morra, and Pat Reynolds be the congregational representatives on the All Saints Kingsway Parish Selection Committee along with Ross Elver, People’s Warden and Jean Woolford, Rector’s Warden.
First of all, I would like to thank all of the people who made recommendations to the Parish Selection Committee and to thank all of you who went through the interview process. It was so exciting to see the interest and to get to know some you. It is unfortunate that we can’t take everyone. The more people you have, the more difficult it is to get together. Then the process would take forever and we don’t want that.
The formation of the Parish Selection Committee is directed under Canon 10. Canons are like the bylaws. It consists of the Rector’s Warden and the People’s Warden plus four members of the congregation that reflect the diversity of our parish community. Individuals who were interested in serving on the committee have been interviewed to ensure they understood the requirements and time commitment of the role. It was also a time to find out something about the person and what skills they might bring to the committee. Some people declined at this point, for different reasons. The wardens then had to decide which four names to put forward today. That was not easy given the talent of those interviewed but a lot of thought was given to ensure there was diversity. It would not be good for the future of our church if everyone on the committee had similar attributes. You may not know all of these people but it is important to understand that they reflect different aspects of our church family.
A little bit about what happens after today. The meetings will start in earnest. The work of the committee will be extensive but I just learned something that will make committee members happy. We can solicit help from members of the congregation to assist us with aspects of our biggest job, developing the Parish Profile. The Parish Profile serves two purposes. It tells a story of our church and all the wonderful things we do and offer. It combines ideas and thoughts about the vision we have for our future as a church and what we see as the ideal priest for us. And it is a selling tool for potential candidates for the incumbency.
Here is another way we can get your assistance. We can ask for help in areas like computer, photography, research and writing, financial etc. So as an example, it would make sense to ask the youth to write about ASK’s great youth program and someone from the choir to write about our world class music program.
We will be conducting surveys, meeting will all the groups in the church and hosting town hall meetings. Everyone will have a voice in this process. So be prepared – we will come calling.
So to tell you a bit about each of the candidates:
Beena is a transplant from Edmonton, Alberta and has been living in Toronto for the past 17 years.
She has attended All Saints Kingsway for 7 years. She was part of the group that went to Uganda in 2014 (to build a playground). She is actively involved with the Hospitality Committee and has recently volunteered for the refugee family sponsorship activities.  According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment her top 5 strengths are Restorative (good at problem solving), Communication, Harmony (seek areas of agreement and look for consensus), Arranger (good at organizing, with flexibility) and Includer (ensure everyone has a voice and is included). These strengths are well suited for the job at hand.
Karin came to ASK 15 years ago. She enjoys the balance of tradition and originality. All Saints is welcoming when one is ready, warm without suffocating, and offers comfort and practical support–inward and outward–for the seeking soul.  She and her daughter Hayley are active in Godly Play and are regulars at Our Faith Our Family. Karin has helped with Messy Church, pageant rehearsals and has participated in outreach. Karin’s training as an employment lawyer will be a great asset to the committee.
Kris & Leslie joined ASK 4 years ago. What helped them feel like it was home was the open and welcoming congregation, the liturgy, and the thought provoking and intellectual sermons. They were attracted by the friendly congregation.  Kris a mechanical engineer, has been married to Leslie for 9 years. They have a son, Benjamin who was baptized at ASK in spring 2014 .He is really looking forward to this selection process, whether or not he is part of the selection committee. He sees this as a great opportunity for the church to grow together in developing a unified vision of ASK’s purpose as a church, and is interested to learn what that means personally to members of the congregation.
Pat has been a parishioner for over 30 years. Pat has served in numerous areas of the church but most recently, has lead the Senior’s Support Group. But she is also an advocate for seniors, ensuring that their voice is heard and their needs addressed. Recently she suggested we need to consider Junior Senior Support Activities. Pat has extensive knowledge of the church’s faith history which will be a great asset. She is very down to earth and practical. She has a wonderful smile.
Ross is a cradle Anglican and returned to the Church in 1999 following his mother’s death. Her church was closed by the Diocese around 2004/2005. Looking for a new church, he and Ruth came to ASK in the late summer/fall of 2006. They were moved by the liturgy and music. They were warmly welcomed by among others, Ruth and Vic Laban, and felt a strong sense of community. He has been actively involved in ASK – this is his second time as a warden.
Jean has been a parishioner for more than 30 years. This is her first time as a warden and believe it or not, she is enjoying it. She has filled a variety of roles over the years including Sunday school (a few years ago!) and outreach. She has also worked in the church office as records secretary and set up the administrative position. She an organized person who likes to bring people together to achieve a practical result.