Reset/Reflect: Mind, Body, Spirit, Home, Work, Relationships

Update: We now have permission to make paper copies of the Sacred Ordinary Days Essentials Workbook on request for those who do not have access to a computer.

On Sunday Dawn shared a resource she has been using to guide her in her relationship with God in all the areas of her life. Many who heard it wanted to know more.

Jennifer Giles Kemper is a spiritual director in Waco, TX who has just published her first daily planner called Sacred Ordinary Days. It is self-published so supply is limited, but there is another way.

Go to Jenn’s website, and sign up for her email updates. You will receive a PDF of the Sacred Ordinary Days Essentials Workbook. It contains pages to help you form a rule of life and begin your own seasonal, weekly and daily routine.

We are working on a way to provide paper copies of the workbook to those who do not have email. Stay tuned.

If you do begin this practice, please let Dawn know. She would love to hear about your experience with it.