Listen to the sermons delivered at our Sunday morning celebrations below.

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Asking Questions – Feb 21

Sermon delivered at All Saints Kingsway on Feb 21, 2016   As you may know, or may have experienced yourself, there are many adults in our community who went to Church as children, and then either never went back or spent a long time away before returning. Did you know that many of those adults […]

State of the Union – Feb 7

Sermon delivered at All Saints Kingsway on Feb 7, 2016   I want to begin today by saying that this will not be a homily so much as a State of the Union Address and I am going to do this in three parts. First of all, in order to keep building a context of […]

John the Baptist and Forgiveness – Dec 6

Sermon delivered at All Saints Kingsway on Dec 6, 2015   I am always curious about how, someone as strange as John the Baptist was able to attract so many people to his ministry in the desolate wilderness of Judea. When I was a child, I thought he was a frightening figure who sometimes appeared […]