All Saints Kingsway Parish Profile Survey

The Parish Selection Committee is making good progress in our work to seek the right incumbent for our community. Currently, we are developing the Parish Profile which serves two purposes. It helps us, as a congregation, determine the future vision of the church and it is information that potential candidates can read to learn about us.Your views are critical to help guide us as we develop the Parish Profile.

Your responses to this survey will enable the Parish Selection Committee to create a complete and accurate picture of All Saints Kingsway and move us into the future. Please encourage each person in your household to individually fill out this confidential survey. None of the questions is mandatory; if something is unclear or not relevant to you, please leave it blank. The key themes that emerge from this survey will be shared at our town hall this fall.

Please submit your responses no later than September 24, 2016.

Thank you for your participation.

Parish Selection Committee
Ross Elver, Beena Kuriakose, Kris Morra, Karin Rasmussen, Pat Reynolds, Jean Woolford (chair)


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