What’s Going On – 23 April

Good-Bye & Hello

This week, we said good-bye to Rosemary Hendra, our Parish Operations Administrator. Rosemary and her husband, Gord, have decided it is time to retire to enjoy more time at their cottage and to travel to faraway places. We will miss her and wish her well in all her adventures.
Say hello to Kelly Wells, who has joined our staff as Parish Operations Administrator. Kelly Wells is the proud Mom of three adult children. During much of her adult life, she has participated as a volunteer fulfilling many roles in the Christian community. She is a graphic artist by training, having specialized in print publishing and advertising, as well as a real estate representative. Kelly is looking forward to meeting the needs of the All Saints Kingsway community and looks forward to meeting you.
Please make her feel welcome and help her as she settles into the job.

Let’s Get Together

ASK Kids – today, after the 10 service

ASK Kids is a great opportunity for kids to spend quality time together and invite their friends! Designed for those in grades 1-6.
Games, social justice projects, and more!
Kids can be dropped off in the auditorium downstairs after church.
Lunch will be provided.

Jazz Vespers today, 4pm

Come for a casual, relaxing hour of prayer and great music with the city’s finest musicians.  The Kelly Jefferson Quartet with Kelly Jefferson on saxophone, Nancy Walker on piano, Kieran Overs on bass and Ethan Ardelli on drums will be our guest performers.

Kingsway Organ Recital – 26 April, 12:30pm

The Kingsway Organ Recital continues with Dr Richard Birney-Smith performing Wednesday 26 April from 12:30-1pm.  Freewill donation gratefully accepted.

Our Faith, Our Family – Thursday 27 April, 6-7:30pm
Plan to join us for our upcoming gathering on Thursday 27 April, from 6:00 – 7:30 in the Wilkinson Room.   Our Faith, Our Family is particularly suited to young families in busy households. We gather for supper at 6:00. (A suggested donation of $20 / family of four helps offset the cost of supper). At 6:30, the children will proceed to age-based programs and the nursery will open for infants and toddlers.  Please direct questions and intentions of attending to Natania Friesen.

Volunteer Appreciation Day – next Sunday 30 April

Sunday, April 30th will be “Volunteer Appreciation Day” at A.S.K.

Congratulations All Saints: Our Parish Profile states that there are 600 volunteer positions at A.S.K., and every one of them is filled!
So will we thank and celebrate each other after the 10 AM service. There will be cake!!

Then!  It’s back to work! We need cake-filled volunteers (consider wearing comfortable clothing and footwear), to help empty the outdoor storage bin and carry boxes to designated locations in preparation for the Spring Sale!
Thank You Everyone!

Save the Dates for Youth Group!

Here are the tentative plans for Friday Night Youth Group Events for the remainder of the school year:

Friday May 19 – Shoe Party (service project for Sole Hope.  We’ll be cutting up old jeans to turn into shoes for children in Uganda!)

Friday June 2 – Murder Mystery Night (11 people are needed, so please RSVP.  If we don’t get 11 people, we’ll have a games night instead)

Friday June 23 – Escape Room (details to come)


Water for First Nations

The All Saints Kingsway’s Social Justice Team sent the following letter to Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs.  Please feel free to be inspired by the letter – inspired enough to write to your MP about the issue of Water for First Nations!  Questions?  Feel free to contact Ruth Schembri …[email protected] OR 416 233 4216.
Dear Carolyn Bennett,

We have not treated our indigenous peoples well.  Many concerned people and levels of government, including current governments across Canada, are trying to address the difficult problems that have been created in health, education and land use.
One problem that can and must be addressed immediately is that of the availability of clean water. We all know that safe, clean, and reliable water is essential to good health. There is no reason why our rich country should not provide clean easily accessible water to all its citizens and indeed residents as a basic human right. However, in many Canadian communities the standards are those of third world countries.
Now as we are exiting the depths of winter, we think of those people who do not have running water or waste-water services.  As a parish church, along with other concerned church groups and with national leadership, we have contributed a significant amount of money in response to the needs of one reserve in Ontario, the Pikangikum. On that reserve there are 450 homes, a very large majority of which do not have such services.   The money that has been raised is far short of what is needed.
We acknowledge the federal government’s commitment to end all long-term drinking water advisories affecting Indigenous and Northern Affairs funded public systems on reserves in the Budget in 2016. We note that there is some progress that has been made in improving on-reserve water and wastewater infrastructure, facility operation, maintenance and training. However, progress has not been rapid enough. Of the 77 long-term clean water advisories affecting INAC-public systems on reserves identified at the end of 2015, fewer than 6 have been lifted as at the end of January 2017. The numbers as to reserves in Ontario are even more disturbing. As we understand it from research conducted by the Globe & Mail, 44 communities are affected by 68 advisories; an additional 101 reserves are identified as high risk and another 167 as medium risk.
We understand that governments must work in partnership with First Nation communities; further, that the lead time to build the necessary infrastructure may be as long as three years. We also understand that the entire process is cumbersome. We believe that every effort should be made to streamline the process and proceed with building what is necessary. If temporary relief or assistance is possible, it should be made available immediately.
The money we can raise as concerned citizens and members of a church can do little more than help one community.  The costs must be shared by everyone, just as the benefits from the long neglect of our collective responsibility to the indigenous people of Canada have been shared by everyone.
We urge both the federal and provincial governments to greatly accelerate their efforts to have all the outstanding advisories lifted by providing and building needed facilities forthwith, and to address the high and medium risk situations as a priority.

All Saints Sherbourne



Clothing and toiletry donations for All Saints Sherbourne are needed. Please leave donations in the large red at the top of the east stairs.  Questions?  Please call Claire Bergeron 416-233-4795

Food Cupboard
Donations of non-perishable food are needed for the food cupboard.  Items that don’t require cooking are always helpful as people who use the food cupboard do not necessarily have a place to cook.  Easy open cans ie those that don’t require a can opener are also useful.  Canned fish, such as tuna, and vegetables without added sugar are also in demand.

Camp Koinonia

If you wish to donate to Camp Koinonia which provides camping experience to Syrian refugees you can drop off or mail a cheque made out to Koinonia Inc at Christ Church St James.

Help Needed!


Looking for an adult to help out at each of the Friday Night Youth Groups!  It’s a great opportunity to spend some time with the young people of the parish and have some fun!
Please email Kelly at [email protected] if you can help!
Spring Sale – please see separate insert.

ASK is a Scent-free Space

In consideration of those with allergies, please refrain from using scented products.

Defibrillator and First Aid Kit

In case of emergency, there is a defibrillator and a first aid kit located in the cloak room off the entrance hall.

Online leaflet

The Sunday 10am Leaflets and What’s Going On are available online!
To connect to the internet in the sanctuary, open the wi-fi settings on your device. Select ASK-Sanctuary-Guest. The password is allsaints.

Calendar at a Glance – Looking Ahead

ASK Kids TODAY after 10am service
Jazz Vespers TODAY, 4pm
Organ Recital Wednesday 26 April, 12:30
Our Faith, Our Family Thursday 27 April
Thanksgiving for Volunteers Sunday 30 April, 10am


All Saints’ Sale of Flowering Annuals


Spring seems to be on the way and with it comes the planting of our favourite flowering annuals.  As part of the annual Spring Sale, we are selling beautiful, top quality plants at competitive prices as a way of contributing to the sale and as a convenience to members of the congregation and their friends. Taxes are included in the price.

Recently, we introduced 12-inch hanging baskets (which fit urns nicely) containing various combinations of geraniums, sweet potato vines, lobelia, bacopa, and variegated ivy.  These were a huge success and we are happy to offer them again this year along with our traditional plants.  As for impatiens, if buyers would like to order this variety, we can accommodate them but cannot guarantee that the plants will survive the fungus that sometimes attacks them.  Some parishioners purchased and planted impatiens last year and they did very well; and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the impatiens at the Royal York subway station survived all season.  So, if you buy impatiens, there is a good chance they will survive.

Please note the dates and contacts for ordering; it would be appreciated if you could order early instead of waiting until the end of April.  Orders can also be dropped off in the church office.  Thank you for your support.

(If you don’t have a garden, please consider buying flowers for the church garden to help beautify our corner of the community.)

Jim Rayner/Fran Richardson

Please place your order before April 28
Pick-up at the church Thursday, May 18, 10:30-5
(We now offer delivery of your order for only $5.00;
free over $100.00)

$1.60 per box of 4 or $17.50 per flat of 48
of the same variety
Impatiens, Begonias, Petunias,
Alyssum, Dusty Miller, Dwarf Marigolds

$3.25 per 4” pot or $34.00 per dozen
(same variety and colour)
Geraniums, Tuberous Begonias, New Guinea Impatiens,
Ramblin Petunias, Dracaena, Bacopa, Bidens,
Sweet Potato Vine, Giant Coleus
$18.00 per 10” hanging basket

Geraniums, Tuberous Begonias,
Ivy Geraniums, New Guinea Impatiens

$32.00 per 12” Hanging Basket (great for urns)
Various arrangements of geraniums, lobelia, bacopa,
potato vines, terenia, ivy, dragon wing begonias, bidens.
Available colours are on the facing page

To order, please contact:

Jim Rayner, 416-233-1909 Fran Richardson, 416-231-1997
[email protected] [email protected]
Impatiens: Red, Pink, White, Salmon, Mixed

Begonias: (green or bronze leaf) Red, Pink, White, Mixed

Petunias:   Red, Pink, White, Blue

Alyssum: White, Purple

Marigolds: Yellow, Orange

Dusty Miller: Silver

Coleus: Mixed

Geraniums:  Red, Pink, Salmon, White

Tuberous Begonias: Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange

New Guinea Impatiens: Red, Pink, White, Salmon

Dracaena (Spikes): Green

37th Annual Spring Sale

Yes, it’s time to start thinking “Spring Sale”. Our sale will be held this year on Saturday, May 6th from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM.  For the Sale to be successful we need EVERYONE to make a contribution. How can you help…let me count some ways – donating goods to sell, baking your favourite goodies for the Bake Sale area, helping to sort goods before the Sale, setting up tables the Sunday before the Sale, delivering flyers in your neighbourhood, ordering flowers through the church, staffing a sales area the day of the Sale, cleaning up after the Sale, and finally making a money contribution to help defray overhead costs of the Sale (tax receiptable). Oh, yes, and SHOPPING at the Sale.

In order to be successful we need to concentrate on the things that sell well:

Clean, gently-used clothing;  treasures;  collectibles;  vintage items;  books (but no text books);  cd’s, dvd’s (but no VHS tapes);  jewellery;  small furniture; linens; toys and games; pictures ;  lamps;  small electrical appliances; flat screen t.v.’s; house wares and kitchenware;  sports equipment and bicycles.

Until Sunday April 30th, items can be dropped off on the auditorium stage during the following times:
Monday thru Thursday  4:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Sunday     9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

From Monday May 1 to Thursday May 4, items can be dropped off from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Oh yes, BOXES, BOXES, BOXES…We need lots of liquor store boxes to store donations in, after we have sorted them.  Most outlets will give you 4 or 5 at a time and you don’t even have to buy something!