What’s Going ON – 29 January

What We Need to Know

Want to know what God’s dream for all creation looks like?  Study today’s words from Jesus.  A faithful steward not only strives to understand these words, but also lets them be a guide in the way s/he lives.  Am I willing to let my life be turned upside down by allowing myself to be guided by what is important to bring God’s dream to reality?

The Church Carries Its Story in Song!

A wide sampling of songs which have told and related the stories of God and God’s people beginning Wednesday March 8 to April 5 at 7:15pm in the Chancel.

Intention Cards 2017

We thank all of you who have sent in your intention cards for 2017, and it’s not too late if you still want to send it in. Please place on the offertory plate, or you can send it in to the office via the mail.  If you need more information, please see one of the Wardens, or sidepersons for assistance.

Thank you for your continued support. New deadline is January 31, 2017.     The Wardens.

Where is Jason?

As everyone has been wondering where Jason has gone to, we are pleased to share with you that he and his wife, Dani, have purchased The Post House Inn, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake. They are delighted to be embarking on this new venture and we wish them well. (http://www.posthouseinn.com/)

Archive Display

Get in touch with our roots! Check out the new display in the archives cabinet, which focuses on the building of the original church. See the development of this plot of land, from frame house to building site to completed church. The images are a testament to the faith of the parishioners who started this parish.

Attention – Offertory Envelope Users

Due to the change in numbering please do NOT use offertory envelopes from 2016 or earlier for your offering.  We cannot guarantee that the correct person will be credited with their donation if they use outdated envelopes!!

Also, would the person using 2017 envelope #055 please contact the office!

Parish Selection Committee Update

We had the pleasure of meeting with Bishop Jenny Andison on Tuesday, January 17. She has been on a steep learning curve since she was ordained as Bishop on January 7 and looks forward to working with us, with God’s help, to help us welcome a new incumbent. Once the job posting is closed on January 27, she will finalize a list of candidates for our selection committee to consider. We plan to start interviews in February. Just as a reminder, this part of the process must be kept completely confidential and no further information will be shared until the Bishop announces our new incumbent.

News Release! Our Parish Profile is in the Library

There are several copies of the All Saints Kingsway Parish Profile available to be borrowed from our church library. This is the document you all had the opportunity to contribute to and the one that potential incumbent candidates will read to learn about us. If you haven’t seen it online, borrow it now and enjoy.


Farewell Celebration for Terry

At the 10 am service on February 12, we will be celebrating the wonderful contribution Terry has made to All Saints from September 2015 to December 2016. He touched the lives and hearts of everyone and we want to say thank you. More details to follow.

If you would like to contribute to a purse for Terry, envelopes are available in the leaflet, in the narthex and at the church office. Contributions may be made in cash or by cheque made out to Terry Finlay.

Let’s Get Together

Looking Ahead – Mark Your Calendar!

Prayer Shawl Meeting 5 February
Book Club 20 February
Pancake Supper 28 February
Ash Wednesday services  1 March, 7am & 6pm Note new time!
Lenten Series Wednesdays March 8 – April 5, 7:15pm
Vestry 5 March
Youth Games Night 10 February
ASK Kids 12 February

Newsletter Submissions Needed!

Our February issue of the parish newsletter is coming up soon, and I’d like to make sure that we get as much input as we can from all at All Saints Kingsway.

If there’s something you’d like to share with the parish, or something you want to ask for help with, please send me whatever material you have by Wednesday, February 8th. Earlier is good, if you can manage it. Later could work if I know to expect it.

Save Paper – Use the on-line Leaflet!

The Sunday 10am Leaflets and What’s Going On are available online!

To connect to the internet in the sanctuary, open the wi-fi settings on your device. Select ASK-Sanctuary-Guest. The password is allsaints.


ASK is a Scent-free Space

In consideration of those with allergies, please refrain from using scented products.

Other Events in the Diocese

Discipleship & The Journey of Faith Tuesday Evenings:

January 10 – 31, 2017, 7:00-8:00pm in the Lecture Room, St James Cathedral, light refreshments will be served.

January 31: Where is our Hope? with The Reverend Canon John Hill

St George’s on-the-Hill presents “Icons”

Discover the rich history, tradition, and devotional use of icons within the Christian tradition.  Learn about the meaning and symbolism of various icons, as well as their use in prayer as a means of contemplating the mystery of God.  All are welcome.  Refreshments will follow.  Free will donations gratefully accepted.  Sunday February 5, 4pm, 4600 Dundas St West

World Day of Prayer

St Paul’s Anglican Runnymede invites you to a World Day of Prayer service on Saturday March 4 at 10am.  404 Willard Ave, Toronto.

How Can I Serve?

Getting Employment for the Settlement Family Parents

We have come to four months since the Settlement Family arrived in Canada.  From everything I see, the family is doing very well in adjusting to their new home.  The next hurdle for them, and for us, is to find employment for the parents.  We have to be careful in this that we are not conflicting with the time that they need to continue to devote to their English as a Second Language training. Their English has improved noticeably from when they arrived but they still have a way to go to be functionally literate in an employment situation.

What I would propose is that some of us need to prepare to help them find employment: identifying what kind of jobs would be suitable for them given their backgrounds and interests, planning out how they need to prepare, practicing interviews, preparing resumes, etc.  Then we need to work with the parents to find them employment.

I am hoping that some of you have some background in the employment area, such as working for an employment counselling company, in a Human Resources area, in a hiring function, or some other related organization.  If you do and you are interested in helping out in this phase, please let me know.

Thanks, David Curtis  [email protected]  416-233-4363

Hospitality Team – A Special Request

Winter is here and there is nothing better than a hot drink on a cold day or at the end of our Sunday morning ASK service    The hospitality team needs support from the congregation for us to continue to offer this hospitality hour practice. We need hosts to help.

We recognize that many of you have already given that support to this ministry this past year but the cold/flu , the bitter weather all seemed to have put a dent into our support for the new year.  Please remember that there will always be a team member to help you in this undertaking    Please consider having friends, your family or a church group participate  We would warmly welcome you any Sunday in Jan. Feb. March and April  (special event Sundays the exceptions).

Look for the sign up sheet at the hospitality table, leave a message with the office or speak to or e-mail Joanne Colbourne Coordinator  [email protected] .

With thanks and appreciation.