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Since earliest days, Christians have made provision for a secure and hallowed place of burial, either within the church itself or in adjoining church grounds.
The All Saints Kingsway Columbarium was erected in response to the strongly expressed need of parishioners who have chosen cremation for themselves or loved ones and now require an appropriate burial space at an affordable price.  The stated preference was to have this final resting place at All Saints Kingsway.
The columbarium is a visible expression of our common faith in Jesus Christ and the Resurrection.  Here in this place, where the faithful gather week by week to praise God, we are reminded of God’s offer of eternal life and the promise of heavenly peace and glory.

As a member of the All Saints Kingsway family, we offer you:

  • the opportunity to purchase Single or Companion (double) space in our parish columbarium located within the north transept chapel;
  • a beautiful and dignified area, protected from the extremes of weather, where loved ones may comfortably visit throughout the year;
  • peace of mind now and in the future that the facility will always be well maintained and in sacred space;
  • a single fee that covers all costs, including provision for the niche, urn, plaque with engraving, opening and closing and perpetual care;
  • reasonable prices, that are competitive with, and usually much less than, comparable services

For your reassurance
the All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church Columbarium:

  • is fully supported by our Area Bishop and has been approved by the Diocese of Toronto;
  • meets all applicable municipal requirements;
  • is licensed under the regulation of the strict requirements of Ontario’s Cemeteries Act, which is administered by the Cemeteries Branch of the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations;
  • will enjoy the daily care of our sextons, the attention of a Columbarium Board of Trustees selected under by-laws approved by our Vestry, and the oversight of the Clergy and Churchwardens;
  • will have the legally stipulated portion of the niche purchase price held in a Perpetual Care and Maintenance Trust Fund, established through the Diocese of Toronto Cemeteries Board.  In the unforeseen event that the Columbarium may ever have to close (by reason of sanctuary destruction, deconsecration or as mandated by legislation) the trust fund will underwrite the cost of removal of the sealed urns and ashes to a new consecrated and licensed location, and the Diocese has undertaken to provide all necessary non-financial assistance to ensure that such is accomplished.

For further information, including a complete listing of costs, eligibility and by-laws, contact any member of the Columbarium Board through the Church office at office@allsaintskingsway.ca or 416.233.1125.