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Godly Play

Godly Play welcomes children to an innovative and unique program, which goes much farther than telling kids about things Jesus did. It creates a story around the children so that they find themselves right in the middle of a biblical scene, and then it invites them to look around, make observations, ask questions, and wonder about what it means and how it might affect their own lives.  Trained Storytellers and Doorkeepers work together to make this a safe and exciting experience for our young friends.


We have two Godly Play groups at All Saints:

  • Children from ages 3 to grade one meet in the Godly Play room (to left at bottom of east stairwell)
  • children in grades two to five meet in the Chapel room  (to left at top of east stairwell)

Please note that there is no Godly Play during “Everybody Upstairs” Sundays.


Visit the Godly Play YouTube Channel to hear some Godly Play stories.

Visit the Godly Play Foundation or Godly Play Canada sites for more information.

Visit our Parent Pages resource for useful reflections and activities for families.

Visit the photo album of our Godly Play room to see what a Godly Play space looks like.