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Just what is this “Group 10” that I hear about? Are there other groups with numbers? Who is a part of these groups and what do they do? These questions have been asked by more than one person at All Saints, including clergy. As a member of Group 10, let me de-mystify this for you.

Group 10 started in 1977 and the significance of the number was this. Back then, there were 12 women’s groups at All Saints. The women were grouped geographically for ease of meeting. Over the years the membership dwindled and various groups were combined. Today there are 2 groups left: Group 9 (now called New Beginnings) and Group 10.

So what do we do and who makes up the Group? Firstly, we have no secret handshakes; we have no initiation rites; we have no dues; we have no permanent meeting place; and we pretty much do whatever we want to do. We are simply a group of women (currently 35 members), mostly but not exclusively, members of the church who meet 8 times a year and carry on various activities. These activities are wide-ranging and include such things as a theatre night; an afternoon preparing gift boxes for Meals on Wheels clients; an auction of mystery presents to raise money for charity groups; a “book review” night; and several meetings with a guest speaker. At every meeting we start with a short devotional and we finish with coffee, tea, and absolutely fabulous desserts! Once a year we have a supper party and invite our significant others.

So, have I piqued your curiosity? If you are interested in joining our Group why not come out to one of our meetings? Details of upcoming meetings are included in our church announcements.

If you would like to know more about us, just give Cathie Figueira a call – (416) 234-9491, or contact our church office.