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Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows

It is good to be reminded of our baptismal promises and of God’s grace and hope for us. From time to time in our life of worship, we re-new our baptismal vows. The gathered community is called to re-new their vows as part of each celebration of baptism. We also re-new our baptismal vows on other occasions, such as the Baptism of Jesus celebrated in January, or at the Easter Vigil.

For some, it may be appropriate to re-new their vows in a separate rite. This might be a response to an intentional time of faith formation, similar to preparation for Confirmation. This might be a response to a time away from the life of the church and it can be a way to reaffirm and solemnize a renewed commitment to the life and mission of the Christian community. This might be part of one’s journey from one Christian tradition to another. For others, their faith journey simply leads to a desire to re-affirm vows they took earlier.

Those interested in Re-Affirmation of Baptismal Vows should begin the conversation with one of the clergy. A time of faith formation may be appropriate. The rite is most suitably celebrated at the Easter Vigil, or on the occasion of a bishop’s pastoral visit.