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Social Justice and Outreach

Our Social Justice Team hopes to enhance our parish charitable activities by exploring more opportunities to promote Social Justice. Examples of some of our previous Social Justice initiatives include: attendance at a vigil in Queen’s Park where we prayed with Archbishop Johnson for the provincial budget and how it might address some of the concerns of the poor, passing resolutions at vestry around affordable housing and social assistance payments and attended a workshop on “Inscribed Justice” to work on writing to politicians.

We need to look for more opportunities to promote Social Justice; to help create a society based on the dignity of the individual.
The Social Justice Team would welcome any comments or questions anyone has about Social Justice.
Thanks are also due to David Curtis, Anne Foerster, Cathie Figueira and Tamara Colbourne who make up your Social Justice Team.

Ruth Schembri
Team Leader, Social Justice Team

Notes from Social Justice Session Held September 14, 2014
Some of the points raised:

  • Everyone can be an advocate for social justice by contacting their local councillor, MP, and MPP
  • There is vacant housing in the city that could be used for affordable housing
  • We are very good at charity work but we need to go the next step and address social justice issues on a broader scale
  • Re: homelessness – there is a need to assess the extent of homelessness, its causes, and then develop a strategy to address it
  • Is the Anglican Church working collectively with other denominations on social justice issues?
  • Churches are under financial pressure and numbers are dwindling but we still do effective charitable work. However, we don’t want to do such a good job that the governments say “ O.K., you can look after this”
  • Get new Diocesan Advocacy Director to come to ASK and tell us how we can help Dioceses with social justice
  • Need to measure the success of our social justice efforts