Advent & Christmas

All are welcome to join these Advent & Christmas services. You don’t have to be Anglican or even Christian. No church experience required.
You may be wondering, what is Advent? It’s the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. Advent means coming or arrival and is the time when we prepare ourselves for God’s arrival here on earth in the birth of Jesus at Christmas and when we look ahead to His second coming.
On each of the 4 Sundays leading up to Christmas we light a candle. First we light the candle of hope, then peace, followed by joy, and finally love. As the physical daylight gets shorter with each passing day at this time of the year, we light candles with increasing brightness to show that we are moving closer to the coming of the One who is the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. In Him there is no darkness. All who follow Him are children of light. Advent ends in the joyful celebration of Jesus’ birth on Christmas