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Highlights of Music at All Saints Kingsway

Striving for Excellence and enjoying every moment in between…

All Saints Kingsway Anglican Church is a vibrant hub for music in Toronto’s west end.

The All Saints Kingsway choir, in addition to providing musical leadership for worship services, sings a range of concerts, requiems and oratorios throughout the year. Recent performances have included Fauré’s Requiem, Duruflé’s Requiem, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s The Atonement and Benjamin Britten’s A Ceremony of Carols. The choir is made up of paid section leads and volunteers, and invites new singers throughout the year.

We partner with ORGANIX Concerts to host the Kingsway Organ Series of lunchtime organ recitals, which take place every second Wednesday from September through July.

We also co-host monthly jazz vespers, along with St. Philip’s Anglican Church. This Etobicoke Jazz Vespers series of twice-monthly services runs from September through June.

In addition to these musical offerings, All Saints Kingsway regularly acts as a concert venue for choirs and musical ensembles, such as the Nathaniel Dett Chorale and the Kingsway Conservatory of Music.

Our space is available for rental as a concert or workshop venue.


All Saints is blessed with a dedicated choir that supports the liturgical happenings within the parish and Kingsway community. There are various musical expressions that occur at All Saints in both worship and performance.

The choir is always looking for new singers to join us!  All levels of ability and knowledge are welcome, and we are looking for singers from all four voice parts – soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

Anyone who is interested in joining the choir is invited and encouraged to attend a rehearsal. Rehearsals are in the Chapel Room, at the top of the south-east stairs from the Kings Lynn parking lot following the 10:00 am Sunday service and coffee hour.

What is the time commitment?

We warm-up and rehearse beginning at 9:00am on Sunday, have a short break, and then sing at the 10:00am service.  After coffee time, we rehearse again until about 1:00pm.  And that is it!  There are no mid-week rehearsals.  Child care is available in the nursery beginning at 9:00am.

How musical do I have to be?

We do learn a lot of music and sing a range of styles and complexities. However, we also have section leads for each of the four voices, who help us to learn the music.  The best way to find out if this will be a comfortable fit for you is to come to rehearsal and see how it feels.

For more information, speak with Brainerd, or any member of the choir.  We look forward to singing with you!


Jazz Vespers

The last Sunday of each month, All Saints Kingsway hosts a Jazz Vespers service. This service features different Toronto Jazz musicians each month, as well as prayer, poetry, and reflection.

Jazz Vespers is hosted in partnership with St. Phillip’s Anglican, who host Jazz Vespers earlier each month.

For more information, visit the Etobicoke Jazz Vespers Facebook page.


Organ Recitals

Every other Wednesday at 12:30pm, All Saints Kingsway hosts the Organix Kingsway Organ Recital series, featuring some of the best organists from across Ontario. This series is hosted in partnership with Organix Concerts.

Other music highlights…

  • 2009 3 manual 52 rank Casavant pipe organ
  • Annual Concert series
  • Various choral settings of the Eucharist services — both traditional and contemporary
  • Combined choirs and orchestras on special occasions
  • Concerts by the Salvation Army Band and others
  • Unique Advent and Christmas Carol music
  • Community outreach Concerts – Carolling in the Kingsway
  • Lent and Holy Week musical presentations
  • Opportunities for Children’s musical expressions
  • Youthful Everybody Upstairs services highlight Children and Music

For more information about our musical programs please contact the Director of Music.